Thursday, May 5, 2011

December 9, 1987

That is the post mark date on a package that finally arrived today! Not that the post office had it all this time , but that it was bought for us way back then, and then held in storage. The man who bought it and the man who stored it had every intention of using it at one time. Actually the gentleman we bought it from did not even know what was in the box.

We just bought a lapidary business yesterday. The man we bought it from, bought the business  and put it in storage, and never once used any part of it. When we originally went to look at what was available. I saw this box:


I could not believe this box set unopened all these years! I wanted to open it while we were looking at the equipment. It wasn't my box so I kept my mouth shut and tried to not let the "wondering" control me.

I so patiently waited Wes to unload his "stash" of goodies off his pick up. I found my handy dandy box opener see it in the bottom left corner of the picture? I am so proud of myself. I have had that one for over a year and have not lost it yet. Well, back to the box.

So very carefully and slooooooowly he opened the box.......

He is the proud owner of a brand new 1987 Lortone Rock Tumbler! What more could a man ask for??
I have never used one of these, but I have a feeling it will be well used by my wonderful Mr. Fossilman!

I hear him in the back room "romancing the stones" He is oooohing and ahhhing over them as he is giving them each a bath. It has been almost twenty five years since they have been cleaned. I sure hope we get to go home at a decent hour tonight!

So there you have it! The mystery of the unopened package mailed oh so long ago! Thank you Mr. Oler for buying it for us and thank you Perry for storing it for us all these years!