Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Simple Repair

These three pieces were brought into my shop for a simple repair. The same part of had fallen out of both the original designed earrings. My client had this small charm made of gold she wanted to use to replace what had come out. The earrings turned out very very nice. My client is very happy to have them back in
wearing order.


She was wearing them last night. They looked beautiful on her. Her hair is that beautiful platinum color, that everyone woman wants to have if they must have silver hair. Her skin is that beautiful olive color and blemish free. The two tone earrings had the most beautiful model wearing them! The original designer needs to come to Sulphur Springs and check out the beauty of this woman with the earrings.  They would hire her in a heart beat!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Restoration Polish

I love doing this type of work. The instant gratification is so satisfying.
These pieces are just a few from this client. She has beautiful pieces.
Thankfully she has trusted me with her treasures. I am very grateful for
getting the opportunity to see the American Indian pieces of art in the
form of jewelry that she has brought in.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Making of a Simply Elegant Wedding Band

I made this ring earlier this month.
It is a custom order. I started with
what is called "stock" meaning the
material can be used to size a ring
or make a ring. First, I hammered
the stock into a round shape around
 the ring mandrel.


Once is was in a semi round state, I used my ring bending pliers to make the two ends meet up. Once they met, I had to align the ends perfectly straight.

Once this was accomplished, I soldered the ends, cleaned the ring, shaped it, and polished it to a high polish.

If you will look closely you will see what I saw... slight blemishes... so I took it back to the polishing machine and worked those blemishes out!  It is now awaiting to meet it's owner.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Team Members of Hampton House Jewelry

I fell in love with these mannequin heads last year while I was still in school. They are so wonderfully fun! I could not justify buying them at that time, so I put them on my business back burner. 
Last week, my sales were up to the point that I had a little extra
cash so the burner they were sitting on was turned on simmer
and the thought slowly began to boil yesterday til it reached a
rolling boil and low and behold...

 I "adopted" them! I think they will be terrific to
 use in my windows to draw more people to window
shop and hopefully come on in!

I am expecting their arrival at the end of this week!