Monday, June 21, 2010

The Making of a Simply Elegant Wedding Band

I made this ring earlier this month.
It is a custom order. I started with
what is called "stock" meaning the
material can be used to size a ring
or make a ring. First, I hammered
the stock into a round shape around
 the ring mandrel.


Once is was in a semi round state, I used my ring bending pliers to make the two ends meet up. Once they met, I had to align the ends perfectly straight.

Once this was accomplished, I soldered the ends, cleaned the ring, shaped it, and polished it to a high polish.

If you will look closely you will see what I saw... slight blemishes... so I took it back to the polishing machine and worked those blemishes out!  It is now awaiting to meet it's owner.


  1. That's beautiful Angela! Great job!

  2. Angela - that looks like so much fun!