Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is going to be the hottest color this fall??

Jewelry expert Helena Krodel reported the fashion and jewelry trends during New York City fashion week. She reports on the must-have jewelry trends for Fall 2010, which include the color blue, huge necklaces, clear jewelry and colorful bangle bracelets!
Yes, you have read it here first... well kind of first if you haven't read it anywhere else!
The big color for fall is BLUE... any and every shade of blue from cornflower blue to midnight blue.
So start buying!
Blue will be in the next shipment I get in!


  1. is a very versatile color. I will be implementing little touches of blue in a room redo. Hoping to be complete this fall! Good timing.

  2. You forgot BIG! Now my heavy turquoise and crazy India pieces are back in style. I just love necklaces you can really feel around your shoulders.