Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Very First Piece of Jewelry I Ever Made

I found this picture yesterday. It is me when I was in the 6th grade. I had forgotten about this piece of jewelry. It was my mom's cross and pearls I repurposed them without permission. I think I remember thinking, They are just sitting in that old jewelry box of hers never getting any I helped myself to her goodies to make my self a goody. Hindsight says how thoughtless I was of my mom. Sorry mom, I would not do that now for anything. It also says that even at the young age of 11 my heart was to create jewelry.

Sadly I did lose it, I don't remember what I did with it, but I do remember wearing it for almost all of 6th grade, every day.

Honestly there had been quite a few clover necklaces and telephone wire rings before this necklace, but this is proof of my early exploits in jewelry design and assembly.

Anyone else make telephone wire rings?

Sweet memories...ahhhhhhh.


  1. That's really amazing to have proof of your creativity back when! =) Love the photo too...and unfortunately I didn't make telephone wire rings...great idea though. =)

  2. Oh, Angie! I remember those telephone wire rings!! I made a big yellow flower one!

  3. I had the same thought many times looking at my mom's jewelry, LOL! I have gifted you the Stylish Blogger award. Check out the details on my blog.