Monday, April 11, 2011

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

When my children were little, the word pretty was used by them instead of the word jewelry. So anytime I had jewelry on that caught their eye, I heard, "pretty!".

This is an engagement ring  was made especially for a lady that I have known for the last 12+ years.She is such a wonderful  person. I was so excited and honored to be chosen the jeweler of choice by her fiance' to make her engagement ring.

Now you will see why I call this piece "Pretty". It will definitely catch the eye of anyone that gets glimpse of it.

We (He and I) spent quite a few hours searching for the perfect stone! We found it! Here it is!
This is a Gemological Institute of America graded stone. It has a serial number engraved into the girdle of the stone. This photograph is magnified several times over. You can see that it is a beautiful stone. The GIA report states that the color is a F and is very slightly included. Meaning that with the naked eye you can not see any inclusion at all.  The F color is very very favorable. Most diamonds in the market are H and lower on the alphabet scale. This one is two color grades better than "normal". I would love to have a stone  this size and color in my personal collection.

Her honey wanted to add natural blue sapphires to the engagement ring. This is what he decided on.

We ordered two perfectly matched round stones to set on each side of the diamond. These stones are phenomenally colored and their quality is very high!

This is what the ring looks like now... with the exception it is finally on her finger and now it is catching everyone's eye and time and time again.... she is hearing Pretty! Pretty!  Pretty!

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Congratulations Nathan and Lynette!
May you be as happy as you have always dreamed you would be!


  1. How unique! Very pretty stone.

  2. Wow, that stone is amazing! and I love your work...what a beautiful piece...Congrats to the couple!

  3. Awww.... you're right, there's no other way to say it other than PRETTY!! :)

  4. Thanks so much ladies!
    I think he did an awesome job picking out the stones and deciding how he wanted them set!
    He wanted and gave his very best to her!

  5. Pretty! Beautiful, Magnificent. Your work is amazing - Congrats to your friends.

  6. Wow - awesome Angela! That couple is truly blessed to have you as their jeweler!