Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Simple Repair

This ring was originally  brought in to the shoppe with a simple complaint. There was a prong that was catching on "things". When I originally looked at the ring, I saw there were prongs that had moved off center of several of the stones. It was just a simple repair to do. All I had to do was reallign the prongs and make sure all of them were placed securely down on top of the stones. Once I cleaned it, I inspected  it closer and realized that the ring was broken in the gallery area. You can see the break in the close up photo above. 
 Once I recieved approval for the added repair, I soldered a piece of metal into the break of the ring.

 Then I pulled out my handy dandy round file to reshape the metal to match the rest of the gallery area. Below you can see the repair completed with the properly alligned prongs, and the ring rounded back out.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Angela! Your work is beautiful...and I"m glad you were able to make it look lovely again! I've bent up my rings like that before too...which is why I put them all strengthen the bond. =)

    Great job!