Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love my job!

 I have previously blogged about this ring. I have known the owner since she was about 5 years old.

She brought it into me to see if I could repair it.

This pieces needed a little more than repairing.
It needed to be restored.  The word restore makes my heart race with great delight and my eyes glaze over with the anticipation of a great challenge.

I had included this ring in a previous blog, so check it out to find the back story on it. :o)

I have spent several work hours with this ring. In addition to the repair and restoration, she wanted it sized to fit her also.

I hope that she will enjoy it for many more years to

God Bless you Kayleen and your marriage!

I hope you love it! It is a beautiful ring!

I love love love my job!


  1. It's beautiful Angela! I am just in awe of the work that you do! Way to go!

  2. That came out gorgeous! What a beautiful job you did.

  3. Awesome Angela! God is so good to give us passions and gifts that we can use to enhance our lives as well as others! And! we get to have fun and joy in it as well!